Three Ways to Display Artwork Like a Pro

If you’ve been looking to add a new piece of artwork to your walls it’s time to check out our latest collaboration with Brooklyn artist Malik Roberts. Roberts’ prints that he created for Bilt are instant conversation starters. The pieces feature bold colors and deconstructed portraits which adds depth and personality to any room.

Whether you’re looking to feature Roberts’ work on its own or add it to a current collection, let us show you three ways to show off your new artwork, along with a few tips and tricks for hanging.

Star of the Show

Coming in at 30” x 42”, the Bilt x Malik Roberts’ prints are significant enough to be the only featured artwork on your walls. Hang it on a blank side wall, above your couch, in your dining room — pretty much anywhere. A single piece of artwork on a wall creates a strong statement.

Tips for hanging:

  • Hang artwork at eye level. Most people have the tendency to hang art too high. As a general rule of thumb, pieces should hang at eye level, with the center of the work about 60 inches off the floor.

  • Consider your furniture. If you're hanging your art above furniture, it should be 4-6 inches above the piece of furniture. If art is going above a sofa or console, the piece should be approximately 2/3 the width of the furniture.

Designer tip: Add a picture light above your artwork to really showcase the piece. This trick instantly elevates any piece of artwork.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can tell a unique story. It can be filled with personal photos, prints from travels, or simply a mix of your favorite artists and cool finds. Depending on how large your wall is, the fun part is that you can start small and grow your collection over time. A gallery wall doesn't have to be symmetrical, but there should be some semblance of balance. Pair large wall art towards the bottom and balance it out with a mix in a few smaller pieces above.

Tips for hanging:

  • Space large and medium pieces 2-3 inches apart, and smaller pieces 1.5-2.5 inches apart. To avoid putting too many holes in the wall, trace the frames on paper and use painter's tape to create a layout on the wall before you start hanging. This will help you visualize how the pieces will work on your wall.

  • If you plan on hanging a gallery wall behind a piece of furniture, hang your lowest frame about 7-10 inches above the top of your furniture.

Lean It

You don't have to drill holes in your walls for every piece of art. For a contemporary look, artwork can be displayed on a shelf, a counter, or even on the floor. Layering pieces on a picture rail allows you to get creative with your display since you can easily move pieces around. When you layer artwork it adds extra depth and dimension to your space and you can sprinkle in mementos to make your display even more personal.

Use your Bilt Points in the app to redeem for a custom piece of art from our artist, Malik Roberts.