The Bilt Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is the perfect time to put those points you've earned all year to good use. With gifts starting at 1,000 Bilt Points, use your Bilt Points on to shop for everyone on your list.

Keeping your besties and family in mind, we teamed up with Chris Burns, aka @FatCarrieBradshaw, to curate a gift guide of 50 gift ideas for five different personalities in your life. The Jetsetter, The Entertainer, The Fitness Enthusiast, The Homebody, and The Thrill Seeker.

We did the work so you don't have to spend hours browsing online sales only to fill your shopping cart with products for yourself. 

The best part? All of the gifts are available to purchase with your Bilt Points on Amazon. Since we know if you’re reading this you’re probably going to be relying on that Prime shipping. 

Discover the best gifts Bilt Points can buy below and learn how to use your Bilt Points to shop on Amazon. If you haven’t already linked your Bilt Mastercard to your Amazon account, you’ll also earn 250 bonus points upon linking. 


Apple AirTag, $28.99 or about 4,100 Bilt Points

For the over-packer who insists on checking a bag.

Otterbox AirTag Key Chain, $10.99 or about 1,600 Bilt Points

Because if you’re going to get someone an AirTag you might as well make sure they don't lose that as well. 

Blaq Eye Mask, $18 or about 2,600 Bilt Points

Look rested and refreshed no matter how long your trip is.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Suitcase, $65 or about 9,300 Bilt Points

I highly recommend this for the most stylish always-in-the-air person on your gift list.” - FCB Fav

Paravel Backpack, $50 or about 7,200 Bilt Points

A lightweight backpack that folds down to nearly nothing and expands when you get to your destination.
Destination Book, $94 or about 13,500 Bilt Points 

Nothing says “I’m well-rounded, well-traveled, and have impeccable interior design taste” like this destination coffee table book.” - FCB Fav

Ostrich Travel Pillow, $60 or about 8,600 Bilt Points

“A neck pillow isnt necessarily cute, but what’s classier than the Ostrich?” - FCB Fav

2-n-1 Garment and Duffle Bag, $96 or about 13,800 Bilt Points

Reduce the number of bags packed.

Mossio Hanging Toiletry Bag, $11 or about 2,500 Bilt Points

An organizational gift that keeps all your toiletries in one place.

Apple Noise Cancelling Headphones, $450 or about 64,300 Bilt Points

The most luxurious gift you can give someone who is always on the road or in the air.

Ugg Slippers, $99 or about 14,200 Bilt Points

Because who doesn't love a good pair of slippers?

Checkerboard Throw Blanket, $60 or about 8,600 Bilt Points

For the professional series binger.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets, $319 or about 45,600 Bilt Points

The best sheets in the world. They’re super soft and will make it nearly impossible to get out of bed.
New Yorker Puzzle, $25 or about 3,600 Bilt Points

Vintage New Yorker puzzles make for a great night or weekend activity.

Unhide Dog Bed, $145 or about 20,800 Bilt Points

“The best way to show someone you love them is always through their dog. I don’t care if you don’t remember my name, but if you remember my dog’s I’ll love you forever.” -  FCB Fav

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $24 or about 3,500 Bilt Points

A miracle product that moisturizes overnight.

Coasri Air Fryer, $80 or about 11,500 Bilt Points

“The perfect gift for anyone who cooks or wants to learn.” - FCB Fav

Shawl Collar Robe, $27 or about 3,900 Bilt Points

“Don’t know what to get your boyfriend? He’d love a robe. Don’t know what to get Suzanne from Accounts Payable? She’d also love a robe. Everyone in the world loves a robe, they just may not realize it yet.” - FCB Fav

Fuzzy Socks, $7 or about 1,000 Bilt Points

You can’t go wrong with fuzzy socks. 

NuFACE Mini Starter Kit, $209 or about 29,900 Bilt Points

Using electric currents, the NuFACE stimulates the facial muscles to help reduce wrinkles and sculpt the face.

Ice Mule Waterproof and Collapsible Cooler, $63 or about 9,000 Bilt Points

Keep personal items dry and adult beverages cold.

Mittens, $15 or about 2,200 Bilt Points

No more cold hands on a Hot Girl Walk.

Smith I/O Snow Goggles, $210 or about 30,000 Bilt Points

Super chic goggles with Chromapop technology enhances visibility on the slopes.

Carhartt Beanie, $25 or about 3,400 Bilt Points

A perfect gift for literally everyone and anyone on your list.

Kari Traa Thermal Top, $60 or about 8,600 Bilt Points
Half the fun of winter sports is dressing the part.

Yeti Rambler 26 oz Bottle, $40 or about 5,700 Bilt Points

“Everyone drinks water and everyone is worried about single-use plastic — or at least they should be. This is perfect for hiking (don’t roll your eyes, I hike…occasionally) but it’s also the perfect one to lose in your bed when you’re hungover.” - FCB Fav

Kelty Packable Blanket, $89 or about 12,800 Bilt Points

A lightweight blanket in a cool print makes for a happy camper.

4k Digital Camera, $99 or about 14,200 Bilt Points

“Have you ever been at an event where there’s someone with a professional camera and realized maybe your phone doesn’t do everything? Well, so will the thrill seeker you get this dope camera for." - FCB Fav

Homesick Candle, $38 or about 5,500 Bilt Points

“The reason everyone buys candles as gifts is because everyone loves candles.” - FCB Fav

Sherpa Fleece Pullover, $37 or about 5,300 Bilt Points

Super plush.

Christmas Kitchen Apron, $30 or about 4,300 Bilt Points

This is just too fun to pass up.

Skeem Design Match Cloche, $38 or 5,500 Bilt Points

A high-design match striker for any interior lover.

Pura Room Diffuser, $95 or about 13,600 Bilt Points

“This is the exact type of gift I’m always hoping someone gets me. Am I going to go out and buy myself a room diffuser? Absolutely not, but if I had one I know I would use it all the time.” - FCB Fav

Tea Light Fondue Set, $33 or 4,800 Bilt Points

Who doesn't love fondue?

Brightland Olive Oil, Set of 4 for $150 or about 21,500 Bilt Points

“Olive oil is the perfect gift for your friend who cooks, for your boyfriend’s parents you don’t know that well or for your own parents you know better than anyone.” - FCB Fav

19-piece Bar Set, $50 or 7,200 Bilt Points

“Have I ever seen anyone use a 17-piece bar set? Only once – and it was extraordinary. If you have someone on your list who loves hosting, loves pretending to be a mixologist, or simply loves a beautiful bar set-up then look no further.” - FCB Fav

Debatable Game, $15 or about 2,200 Bilt Points

A conversation-provoking game to play with friends.

Baggu Reusable Totes, 3-pack, $42 or about 6,000 Bilt Points

For last-minute errands and plans.

Jonathan Adler Salt and Pepper Shakers, $58 or about 8,300 Bilt Points

Elevate an out-of-this-world menu.

Glass Taper Candle Holder, $22 or about 3,200 Bilt Points

 A fire gift for your best friend.

Personal Blender, $39 or about 5,600 Bilt Points

“Have you ever not spent $20 on a smoothie for delivery and made one for yourself? Me neither, but I absolutely would if I had this personal blender.” - FCB Fav

Acupressure Mat and Pillow, $40 or about 5,800 Bilt Points

Soothe sore muscles and ease body aches.

Nike Swoosh Headband, $10 or about 1,500 Bilt Points

A useful fitness accessory so your #gymselfie isn't too sweaty.

Hey Harper Sweat-Proof Layered Necklaces, $115 or about 16,500 Bilt Points

For the fashionista that cares about fitness aesthetics.

Jonathan Adler Pop-Scented Candle, $35 or about 5,000 Bilt Points

A lit gift for the SoulCycle obsessed.


TheraGun Mini, $199 or about 28,500 Bilt Points

“If someone gifted me this mini Theragun I suspect my life would change exponentially. I would get relief from the aches and pains that come naturally with being in your thirties, and wouldn’t have to date anymore. - FCB Fav

Belt Bag, $18 or about 2,600 Bilt Points

The perfect accessory to hold all your essentials.

Retrospec Yoga Mat, $39 or about 5,600 Bilt Points

A new yoga mat is something no one ever really wants to buy for themselves but always deeply appreciates. 

Bala Bars, $59 or about 8,500 Bilt Points

Sleek weights that are far from an eyesore when left out. 

Champion Joggers, $25 or about 3,600 Bilt Points

“Classic, comfortable and stylish– nothing makes a day better than wearing comfortable pants.” - FCB Fav