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Small Space Entertaining 

With the holidays coming around the corner fast, it’s time to start party planning. When hosting the key to a successful and fun gathering is good food, tasty drinks, entertainment, and of course good company. Use your Bilt Mastercard for food and beverages and redeem your Bilt Points for items that will instantly take your entertaining game to the next level. 

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Create Ambiance

If you’re entertaining in your apartment, you might not be working with a ton of surface area for decor. Candlelight and fresh flowers create a warm ambiance—no matter the size of your home, which makes the Bubble Glass Vase and Bubble Glass Candlestick holder from the Bilt Collection perfect for setting the mood within a small space. 

Less is More for Decor

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, unless you have enough storage to swap out pumpkins for holiday gnomes, we recommend sticking to more neutral and versatile decor that can stay up through all of the holiday parties you're hosting. Cover your console table or bar cart with greenery and garland, mixed with pinecones and candles to add a festive touch to your space.

Stick to Finger Foods 

There’s nothing more frustrating than hosting a sit-down dinner in a space where there’s no room for everyone to sit down. Instead, host a cocktail-style party and serve a variety of handheld foods so that your guests can indulge as they mingle. For example, mac and cheese bites, a charcuterie display, pizza, veggies and dips, mini hot dogs, and mini cupcakes for dessert are all excellent choices. 

Redeem your Bilt Points for our Charcuterie Board, featured in the Bilt app. You can either go the traditional route and fill it with cheese and meat or create something unique by mixing fries with boneless chicken wings. Fill the cups with various dips so guests can customize their plates. This will also cut down on utensils and cleanup later.

Set the Mood with Music

Even a small space requires background music. A portable speaker ensures that you can play music in any room of your apartment. The Crosley Turntable from the Bilt Collection is a vintage-inspired portable record player that is perfect for tight spaces and can easily be stored away when not in use. It can stream music from your phone and also play your favorite records. Before guests come over pull out your favorite records. That way you don't have to scramble to find a new one while the party is going on.

Set a Minimal Tablescape

If you are having a sit-down dinner, leave room for the food and go minimal on the tabletop decor and place settings. When setting the table, put out colored stemware, or plates. Instead of adding layers of chargers that take up room, the colored glassware will make a subtle but beautiful statement.

Make a Big Impression in a Small Way

You can impress your friends in a big way when you decapitate a bottle of champagne using the Champagne Sabre from the Bilt Collection. Even the cheapest bottle of bubbles will feel high-end when you dramatically slice off the top of the bottle.


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