Six Flights You Need to Book with Emirates Skywards

Emirates Skywards is a transfer partner of Bilt Rewards, meaning your Bilt Points can instantly open the door to book flights to Dubai, the Middle East, and beyond. Make sure you link your Skywards account to your Bilt account under the 'Flights’ tab in the Bilt Rewards app. If you aren’t familiar with Skywards, read our beginner’s guide to the program before you get started with your research.

Emirates Booking Basics

There are a few best practices to know before booking flights with Skywards Miles:

1. It’s best to book round-trip flights with Skywards Miles when possible as one-way flights are more than 50% the cost of round-trip flights.

2. You need to be logged in to your Skywards account to search Emirates and partner flights bookable with miles.

3. Emirates has large fuel surcharges on some award flights, meaning extra money you have to pay in addition to the miles required. The flights suggested here have the lowest carrier-imposed surcharges for Skywards award flights.

4. When searching for partner awards on the Emirates website, make sure the flexible date search box is NOT checked. When checked, partner award flights will not display correctly.

With those best practices noted, and after you’ve checked our beginner’s guide for step-by-step instructions on how to book Emirates flights with your Skywards Miles, let us look at six Emirates flights you should consider booking.

Round trip Business Newark to Athens, Greece

117,500 miles and $219

Round Trip Economy Newark to Athens, Greece

45,000 miles and $139

Round trip Economy JFK to Milan, Italy

61,250 miles and $133

Round trip Business JFK to Milan, Italy

145,000 and $213

JetBlue Mint to the Caribbean and London

Regarded as one of the best business class seats in the sky, JetBlue Mint is bookable with Bilt Points thanks to Emirates and JetBlue partnering in 2021. Emirates prices JetBlue prices based on the length of the flight and a few routes to the Caribbean and JetBlue's new flight to London are priced very attractively.

New York to Aruba is only 40,000 miles and $20.10 in Mint:

Jetblue's transatlantic New York to London Gatwick in Mint is 64,000 miles and $10.10:

Bottom Line

Whether you want a European holiday or an escape to a tropical paradise in the Caribbean, Skywards Miles can make your next dream trip a reality. Who knew paying rent could be so rewarding?