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Set Up Your Bilt Rent Account

Bilt Rent Accounts were created so that all of our members living outside of the Bilt Rewards Alliance have a seamless way to pay rent in the way they prefer - including Venmo, Paypal, or their property's online payment portal. Read on to learn how.

1. Select the 'Pay Rent' tab. If you're new to Bilt use Step A. If not, use Step B.

FYI, this method works for online payment portals, Venmo, Paypal,, etc.

2. Select the first payment option, then tap 'Begin setup.'

3. Go to your online payment portal, log in, add a new Bank Account (some portals may also call this option e-Check or ACH). To avoid fees, do not select credit card.

4. When prompted in your portal for account details, come back to the Bilt Rewards app and hit 'Next: Account details'.

5. Use your unique Bilt Rent account details from the app and enter them into your online payment portal.

6. Check that the account and routing numbers from the app match what's in your online portal then tap the 'Next' button.

FYI: if account verification via deposit is required by your portal, you will receive an email from Bilt with the deposit amount. Depending on your online portal or the third-party site you're using, this could take anywhere from 1-3 days, so if you don't receive an email immediately, don't worry!

7. Check your available credit before submitting your payment. If your credit is sufficient, tap 'Done' and submit your rent payment in your online portal.

9. That's it! You've successfully set up your Bilt Rent account and submitted your payment.

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