Rent Day Special: Bilt Birthday Edition

This Rent Day is a special one — it’s our birthday! To celebrate, we’re giving all Bilt Members a gift. The gifts range from getting your rent paid, winning up to 100,000 Bilt Points, scoring flights around the world, and more. 

To get in on the fun, all you have to do is solve the Rent Day Challenge in the Bilt app on June 1st. Everyone who solves the puzzle wins a gift. But that’s not all, we still have all our recurring Rent Day benefits that make the 1st of the month our favorite day.

Read on to learn how you can get in on the birthday fun. 

Rent Day Challenge: Birthday Edition

In honor of our birthday, we’re going big with gifts for all of you. Solve the puzzle in the app on June 1st, and you’ll get a present. Here’s a peak at what you could possibly get:

  • 25 Bilt Points

  • 50 Bilt Points

  • 10,000 Bilt Points

  • 100,000 Bilt Points

  • 5,000 Bilt Points for The Collection

  • 25,000 Bilt Points for The Collection

  • 1 month of rent paid

  • Virgin Atlantic Flight to London - Fly Upper Class Roundtrip with a Companion

  • Emirates Flight to Dubai - Fly Business Class Roundtrip with a Companion

  • $100 Lyft ride credit

Terms apply.

Bottom line

Mark your calendar for June 1st and get ready to pop the confetti and celebrate like it’s your birthday because this Rent Day we’ve got a gift for everyone. 

Full Rent Day Terms and Conditions.