How to Get a 5-Star Night Sleep
Zoë Roscoe  |   November 4, 2022

Sure, everyone wishes they could settle into a five-star hotel permanently, but there are plenty of ways to replicate the ambiance of a luxe guest room back home.

If it’s been a while since you’ve revamped your room, it might be time to freshen things up.

While a new mattress is usually a game changer, swapping out your bedding can make all the difference for a more restful night’s sleep. On top of bedding, the ambiance of your room will also set the tone for a comfy rest.

Learn how you can use your Bilt Points to design a sleep space so that it feels as close to a five-star night stay.

Don’t Skimp on Bedding

Many people look forward to sleeping in a cushy hotel bed when traveling, swearing that it's the best night's sleep that they get. So why not replicate that same relaxed feel at home?

More is More with Pillows

Known for its unique and luxurious amenities, our partner Hyatt pays special attention to comfort and relaxation for its guests. When staying at The Park Hyatt Toronto, I fell in love with the pillows that hugged my head like a dream. Hyatt hotel uses the Down Etc. Rhapsody Wrap which provides cloud-like softness and comfort.

While you don't need more than one for a good night's sleep, adding a few layers of pillows to your bed helps replicate the coziness of a Hyatt hotel room.

Want to try out the pillows for yourself? Use your Bilt Points to book a night stay at one of World of Hyatt’s properties.

Upgrade to Bamboo Sheets

Cozy Earth Bamboo sheets are the most luxurious and softest sheets you’ll ever sleep on. End of story. If you’re dealing with the Bamboo vs Cotton sheets battle, Bamboo has proven to be superior. Bamboo sheets are gentle on sensitive skin, free of harmful chemicals, and they are moisture-wicking.

When you crawl into bed with Cozy Earth sheets you'll immediately feel like you're greeted with the coziest, softest hug. They're cool to the touch and provide a superior night's sleep.

Use your Bilt Points to upgrade your sheets with Cozy Earth.

Warm Up Your Lighting

The right lighting can set you up for a good nights sleep. Many hotels use lots of lamps and sconces with warm-colored bulbs to help the room feel cozy. This kind of lighting is also great for helping you unwind at the end of the day so you can get to sleep faster.

Use your Bilt Points to upgrade your room with a chic sconce from The Collection in the Bilt app.

Upgrade Your Curtains

In many hotel rooms, blackout curtains and sheer curtains are used to control the amount of light coming through. Blackout curtains block out light so you can sleep for longer, while sheer curtains provide a soft filter for your room throughout the day.

Use your Bilt Points to shop great deals on linen blackout curtains from Amazon.

Block Out Noise

If you have noisy neighbors or a snoring partner, using a sound machine can be a total game changer. Using white noise or the sound of a peaceful rain shower can help you drown out noises and shut your brain off for the night.

Use your Bilt Points to shop the best noise machines.

Bottom Line

With a few small changes and upgrades to your room you can sleep in 5-star luxury without having to leave your home. Use your Bilt Points to shop on to cover all or part of your purchase or use them to shop The Collection in the Bilt app which is full of beautiful and unique home decor and accessories.