Bilt Collection: The Gathering

“This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive.” — Alice Waters

Leaving behind the summer social season, we enter the fall phase of entertainment — gatherings. Some say that fall is the lead to an imminent cold and dreary winter. We believe it’s a season that allows us to take charge of our lives again. It’s a time to settle back into the home and everyday routines, celebrate and host loved ones and unwind from a hectic schedule.

In the Bilt Collection, you will find exclusive pieces of art, home decor, and lifestyle goods that you can redeem your Bilt Points for. With a fusion of tinted glass, modern shapes, tactile surfaces, and iridescent covers, your space will be perfectly accented for seasons to come. In keeping with this mantra, our featured artist, Preston Paperboy, uses an eclectic blend of realism and graffiti-style drawings, as well as fresco paintings.

This act addresses the delicate balance between the beauty of products and the human hand in art. The collection is an interesting perspective that reflects a complete understanding of time, its objects serving as an archival document of current events while maintaining a sense of formalism and event.

This fall collection aims to enhance your home's entertaining and relaxing aspects in the most stylish way.

When it comes to entertaining, unique and handcrafted serving pieces will help you better serve your guests. The Espresso Cups double as shot glasses and the Charcuterie Board crafted by Portuguese Artisans makes plating a masterpiece a breeze.

Hosting at an apartment can come with challenges, like how much decor you should put out. Candlelight and fresh flowers are entertaining essentials—no matter the size of your home, which makes the Bubble Glass Vase and Bubble Glass Candlestick Holder perfect for setting the mood within a small space.

At the end of a hectic week, melting under the luxurious touch of the Cashmere Blanket with the Preston Paperboy Journal will allow you to reflect and replenish what lies ahead.

No matter what is on the agenda, the exclusive items from the Bilt Collection will help you relax, reconnect and elevate the ambiance in your home. Explore the rest of the collection in the Bilt App.