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Why BiltProtect?

BiltProtect was created to help make sure you don’t eat up your credit line on rent payments.

When enabled, BiltProtect will automatically withdraw the funds for your rent from your linked bank account, similar to a debit card. This ensures that your credit line is available for other purchases and your rent does not impact your credit utilization.

Why is this important?

Using BiltProtect will help leave your credit line open for other purchases like your cell phone bill, dining, and travel expenses.

By keeping your credit line free of your rent payments, your rent won’t impact your credit utilization. Credit utilization refers to how much of your available credit you use at any given time and Experian recommends keeping the overall utilization of your credit cards under 30 percent to maintain a good credit score or better.

Lower credit utilization rates suggest to creditors that you can responsibly use credit without relying on it too heavily, so a low credit utilization rate generally is associated with higher credit scores, according to Experian data.

If we’re looking at the bigger picture, higher credit scores can help you qualify for a mortgage and save you thousands of dollars when you buy a home.

Head to the card tab at the bottom of the Bilt Rewards app. Scroll down to “Rent Payment Settings” and you can enable BiltProtect.

Financial information has been sourced from Experian.



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