Earn Bonus Points with Bilt Dining 
Bilt Rewards  |   April 19, 2023

Welcome to Bilt Neighborhood Rewards

Our Neighborhood Rewards program allows members to earn even more points on everyday local spend across dining, fitness, rideshare, and more coming soon. 

Bilt Members automatically earn points when using any linked Mastercard®, Visa®, or American Express® card at Neighborhood Rewards partners. Members can easily link their credit and debit cards to their Bilt account from the wallet tab. 

Linking all your cards in the Bilt app means that no matter what you use to pay at our Neighborhood Rewards partners, you’ll have the chance to earn Bilt Points on top of any of your usual card rewards.

Eat out and earn bonus Bilt Points

How to get started

To find a Bilt Neighborhood Rewards restaurant you’ll want to head to the Bilt app, tap on the “browse rewards” dropdown, select “Neighborhood rewards,” and by default you’ll land on the dining tab.

From here, you can select your city (we’ll automatically pick the nearest one), view which restaurants are nearby, and then filter by distance, cuisine, price, or our “Best Of” category, which is curated by our team to highlight the best in class when it comes to food, drinks, and vibes. You can also filter by date, time, and party size depending on your plans. 

Once you find a restaurant you like, you can see what kind of points bonus the restaurant is offering (it may vary by day and time), and then click to reserve a table.

Earn up to 10X bonus points on your meal

Bilt Members can earn between 2X-10X Bilt Points (in addition to their usual card rewards) when eating at a Bilt Dining restaurant and paying with a linked card.¹

Bilt Dining cities 

We’ve already launched Bilt Dining in 20+ cities with more coming soon. Check out the list below and search any time in the Bilt app by heading to Neighborhood rewards, and then tapping the city drop down.

  • Atlanta

  • Austin

  • Boston

  • Charlotte

  • Chicago

  • Dallas

  • Denver

  • Houston

  • Las Vegas

  • Los Angeles

  • Miami

  • Nashville

  • New York City

  • Philadelphia

  • Phoenix

  • Portland

  • Salt Lake City

  • San Antonio

  • San Diego

  • San Francisco

  • Seattle

  • Washington D.C.

  1. Bilt Rewards Points Earning Terms