Benefits of Hot Yoga

Y7 is a hot yoga studio that welcomes students of all levels. The studios are dark, heated, and candlelit, which will instantly provide you with an escape from the outside world.

With practice taking place in a room heated to 105 degrees, you’ll feel like you’re doing yoga in the tropics and will receive a workout that has more benefits than simply closing the rings on your Apple watch.

A portion of the class is dedicated to free-flowing, which allows you to focus on your individual practice. Using infrared technology, Y7 hot yoga classes warm the body from the inside out, instead of circulating hot air throughout the room like a classic hot yoga class.

Founder and CEO of Y7 Sarah Larson Levey dishes out all of the benefits of hot yoga, and we're ready to sign up immediately for a class.

Benefits of Y7

1. Flexibility

The more you practice the more flexible you will become. Opposed to a classic yoga class, the heat in the room at Y7 has a loosening effect on the muscles which will allow you to go deeper into poses.

2. Strength

Yoga in general is all about strengthening the bones. The poses within the yoga practice each have specific benefits to strengthen the body internally and externally.

3. Energy Boost

At Y7 we use the beat of the music to drive the breath and cadence of class to inspire continuous movement in the body. There have been several studies diving into the relationship between music and movement that have shown a positive correlation, which is what we strive for at Y7.

4. Skin Health

Hello instant detox. Since you are sweating a greater percentage of toxins as opposed to just water, it allows your body to purge what it doesnt need.

5. Lung and Heart Health

Yoga is incredibly beneficial for both. Linking your movement with breath allows you to move and breathe more mindfully. The infrared is also really great for blood flow which positively impacts heart health.

Bottom Line:

Y7 is a full mind and body experience that we fully stand behind. On top of incredible benefits, the 60-minute workout helps you escape reality for a bit and lose yourself in the movement.

Get the full experience in-studio. Redeem your Bilt Points in the app for a Y7 class.