Beginner’s Guide to SoulCycle 
  |   April 10, 2023

SoulCycle is an endurance-building, low-impact HIIT workout that utilizes indoor cycling. This high-energy class has attracted a devoted following and the benefits that come along with indoor cycling, like increased cardiovascular health, just might have something to do with it. 

Not only does SoulCycle offer a great workout, but it’s also an experience that keeps riders coming back time and time again. For those who are considering giving it a go, we asked SoulCycle instructor, Lee Seidner, from Miami Florida to give us the 411.

Here’s everything you need to know before your first class. 

What to Expect 

When you arrive at any SoulCycle studio, you’ll be greeted by the studio crew and asked to sign a safety waiver. Once that’s set, you’ll get your bike and shoes. 

Before entering the cycling studio, all riders are should store all personal belongings (including phones!) in the lockers provided. After that’s squared away, it’s time to finally head into the studio for your ride.

To find your bike number, look at the front of the handlebars. If you’re not quite sure how to clip in, don’t worry — a member of the studio crew will set you up so the bike is adjusted to your proportions and feels comfortable. This is also when you can ask for a seat cushion if you’d like, according to Seidner. Now, it’s time to ride!

After class wraps up, all you have to do is return your shoes and towel. If you have any questions or want to book again, don’t hesitate to chat it up with the instructor or studio crew. 

What to Bring

The two most important things to remember to bring are:

  1.  Comfortable workout clothes

  2.  A water bottle

“For your first SoulCycle class, your priority should be to make sure you are in comfortable workout clothes,” says Seidner. The studio team will provide you with shoes that have clips on the bottom to safely clip into the pedals on the bike. These are complimentary for your first ride and then available to rent after that. The studio also has you covered with a towel, so no need to bring your own. 

Tips for Beginners 

“Come in with an open mind,” says Seidner. “Everything you do for the first time will have moments of uncertainty and it most definitely takes practice so give yourself plenty of grace as you figure out what is going on around you in that magical dark room - there’s never a time you should feel discouraged!”

The SoulCycle community is like having a built-in cheer squad rooting for you every step of the way. The instructors know how to keep riders motivated and in turn, riders are enthusiastic, and that positive energy is contagious.

“I tell everyone who takes my class that even after 8 years of riding, I still feel classes never get any easier and there’s always a challenge BUT I promise you that it 1000% does get better and is so worth the practice,” says Seidner. 

How much does a class cost?

Prices vary by city, but SoulCycle classes typically range from $35 - $50 per class. You also have the option to buy class packs or sign-up for a membership. To view all class options, be sure to visit SoulCycle’s website and select your city.

Thanks to our partnership with SoulCycle, Bilt Members can use Bilt Points to redeem for a class — classes start at 3,000 Bilt Points.

Ready to go? Find a studio near you and book a SoulCycle class in the Bilt app.